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Describe a practical, real-life problem of strategic or organizational nature for a maritime company and organization Propose and argue for a solution to the problem based on selected theories or models from previous courses within the bachelor program Explain the proposed solution in such a way that colleagues from different departments of a company or organization are able to understand their argumentation ECTS 7,5 Microeconomics 7,5 ECTS This course provides an introduction to the functioning of economic markets: CBS-staff offer two dimensions to the internship: Several examples are looking at multinational firms.

In particular, the impact of cultural differences and macro-social patterns on global marketing activities will be discussed.

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Personal Finance Udlan: Børsen Meget mere end Danmarks førende erhvervsavis. Students shall describe the nature of the challenge and discuss possible solutions to it. Learning Objectives At the end of the course, the student must commodity trading virksomheder i singapore able to: We give you an article by Harvard Business Review which both mentor and mentee is kindly asked to read and discuss.

We also explore important er bitcoin cash en smart investering to the basic model such as uncertainty and symmetric information. In particular, we will discuss the limits of neoclassical models and how the research frontier confronts those limits. After having attended the course, students should: OW-selskaber i Singapore: Regulerede binære muligheder mægler australien course teaching delivers 1 lectures on the theories and concepts of such positions along and 2 training and group exercises of the ability to apply and exemplify such methodological concepts within a concrete practical or scientific context.

We will explore the ways these have been understood historically in organization studies and will ask you to engage critically with these concepts both individually and in groups while analyzing texts and cases and presenting them in class. Relation to a Business or an Institutional Setting We consider in depth how different market structures affect firms and consumers.

20th May 2019; Vesak Day (Singapore)

Teknisk analyse, med hjælp fra gode værktøjer, er en helt objektiv analyseform, hvor man får konkrete anbefalinger om køb eller salg. Inden OW Bunker-ledelsen sammen med virksomhedens ejer, den svenske kapitalfond Altor besluttede at børsnotere olievirksomheden, forsøgte man at sælge til flere store virksomheder i bunker og commodities.

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Research Based Teaching The curriculum includes articles that summarize several research papers and ties such research to the practical use of the theoretic methodologies introduced in the course. Applying the analytical lenses of strategic commodity trading virksomheder i singapore, international business, corporate finance and innovation theories to the study of shipping company strategy, the course discusses the variety of ways in which shipping companies may gain competitive advantages.

Her stod OW Bunkers nye datterselskab for en meget aggressiv vækststrategi i et beskidt bunkermarked. Selskabet havde i en omsætning på 4,7 milliarder dollar og et overskud på syv millioner dollar, men et minus på pengestrømmen på 15 millioner dollar.

The course will start with identifying the main sources of risk relevant for the shipping industry. Metoden er dermed enkel at bruge og kræver minimal forståelse af økonomi, finans og marked, og kun lidt kendskab til de enkelte selskaber og aktierne, man handler i.

It is organized as a workshop, in which groups of students present a problem and a proposed solution.


Demonstrate a critical understanding of basic epistemological assumptions underlying contemporary social science research, especially as these applies to research in international business Describe the nature and historical evolution of internatinal business as an inter-disciplinary field of research Evaluate the choice and implementation of research methodologies in international business research Independently apply basic methodologies in such research, including both selection and critical evaluation of secondary sources and techniques or the collection of primary data Competently apply basic tools and conventions in social scientific research, including the structuing and writing af research reports, referencing, use of tables and diagrams, bibliographic search techniques, etc.

In particular, this is achieved both through lectures illustrating practical applications and assigned readings from The Economist. Develop and define a specific problem formulation of project based in a self-chosen case organization Describe, analyze and discuss the format problem on the basis of at least two of the subject areas that the students have been through the bachelor degree program Explain and justify the specific choice of theory and apply them in concrete, empirical analyzes and results Structure manufacture in a linguistically correct, clear and well-structured content form ECTS 15 Statistics 7,5 ECTS The major goal of the statistics course is to produce statistically educated students which mean that students should develop commodity trading virksomheder i singapore literacy and the ability to think and reason statistically.

The project must be international in nature. The main blocks of the curriculum are: Your working materials should include a - word statement which clearly indicates your problem formulation; it should clearly show how you shape a topic within the subject and how your topic is directed towards a relevant issue.

Project titles should never be formulated as a question. Analyze developments and emerging issues in international shipping as seen from shipping company and investor perspectives Formulate and critically evaluate investment proposals in international shipping Critically evaluate academic studies within maritime economics ECTS 7,5 Bachelor project First and foremost, keep in mind that this is an International Shipping and Trade Thesis.

Her var det almindelig kendt i bunkerbranchen, at hvordan man bliver rig hurtig uden penge brugte den såkaldte cappuchino-metode, hvor man fyldte olie på skibene iblandet luft, således at eksempelvis Mærsk-skibet fik mindre olie, end der er betalt for.

Explain basic concepts of organizational theory as presented in the course and how they relate to one another Understand the contributions and shortcomings of these concepts in organizational analysis Discuss how different ways of managing may lead to different outcomes Reflect critically on learning interventions such as giving and receiving peer feedback, making presentations Demonstrate appropriate communication skills, including the ability to present information together with analysis, argument and commentary ECTS 7,5 Principles of International Marketing 7,5 ECTS This is the core marketing class in the BSc IB programme.

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Discuss the theoretical and emperical dimensions of the internship in a relevant shipping company. This prepares students for their subsequent work with their BSc thesis in the spring. The course places heavy emphasis on analysing global cultural and social patterns and their impact on marketing strategy.

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Identify and discuss sources of shipping company competitiveness Apply theories, concepts and models from strategic management, international business, innovation research and corporate finance to the study of shipping company strategy.

The students will become familiar with basic probability theory as a model for randomness, concepts of statistical inference as well as a number of concrete estimators, confidence intervals and test. Practical Application of Theory In each main block the theory is exemplified with everyday problems and issues.

Lean operations and Just In Time Supply chain integration of shipping companies Port operations Human resources in operations and logistics Learning Objectives At the end of the course, the students must be able to: The course focuses on finding solutions to live forex signaler review problems.

This is ultimately also what is expected of the student at the end of the course: Snakken om »dirty business« i Singapore dækker ifølge Lars Møller over en praksis i Singapore, som var kendt af alle i branchen, hvor der blev snydt på vægtskålen, når der blev fyldt olie på eksempelvis Mærsks store containerskibe i Singapore.

This statement should provide you with a working title, which can be in the form of a focused question. Learning Objectives At the end of the course, the students must be able to: The course will cover the following main subject areas: The student is asked to interview the mentor about the question of mentorship.

Omsætningen i var på 2,1 milliarder dollars, overskuddet landede på ni millioner dollars, men pengestrømmen viste et minus på 65 millioner dollars, hvilket øgede selskabets gæld med 50 millioner dollar.

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The curriculum is organized in two modules covering i the analysis of a firm including its positioning in the market and, subsequently, ii strategic actions available to the firm. At the completion of this course the students will be able to: The handin will be focused on problem solving.

Det skete den The student will together with company identify a problem that they want to be analyzed by the student. The topics of the curriculum are: In addressing these topics, the course covers the broad spectrum of shipping segments — from dry bulk and tanker shipping over container shipping to specialized shipping — and discusses the causes for strategic variation across segments.

Students also learn how to formulate investment proposals for different types of shipping companies, and evaluate such proposal in the light of shipping risks. Gratis download til Grand Theft Auto San Andreas En by som Alice ebook gratis download Ad commodity trading virksomheder i singapore 1st edition regler for checkers Optag adgangskoder mac os x Halvtreds nuancer af grå gratis epub download Numb encore instrumental mp3 downloads Corel aftershot pro 1.

In point out solutions, students shall refer to selected theories or models from previous courses of the bachelor program such as but not restricted to strategic management, finance, marketing, organizational analysis, operations and logistics management, micro-economics and maritime law.

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Det er noget, som skal få en til at lette mere end på øjenbrynene," siger Jacob Pedersen. We also emphasize how governments design institutions to correct market imperfections.

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As part of this general larger goal of the course, students will gain: Det giver sig selv, at kan kunderne ikke betale, så har værdierne ikke den størrelse, som det ser ud til," siger Jacob Pedersen til Ritzau. The video is uploaded to Peergrade to be discussed between the students in week. Penge til gode hos kunder udgør de største aktiver i de seneste regnskaber fra i to OW Bunker-datterselskaber i Singapore, som Ritzau er i besiddelse af.

Guest lectures by shipping managers illustrate the strategic dilemmas that shipping companies face and the diversity of competitive strategies, shipping companies currently employ.


ECTS Risk Management The uncertainty involved in ownership and operation of ships has become quite important in recent years as stakes are higher for owners, operators and investors. Based on their own experiences in the respective internships students are expected to identify and describe an organizational or strategic challenge, which maritime companies and organizations are encountering.

Relation to International Business or Economics The international perspective is taken in connection with many of the topics covered during the course especially including mergers and acquisitions, financial management and capital budgeting, and risk management.

The purpose with this dimension is er bitcoin cash en smart investering ask the student to see what mentorship is about. I regnskabet gør Dynamic Oil Trading meget ud af at beskrive kreditrisiko, og at selskabet kun går efter solide og troværdige kunder.

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What is mentoring? Brainstorm to find a subject area in which all members of your group are interested. Writing skills spelling, grammar, punctuation, language skills are as important as cognitive skills and students will have to demonstrate the ability to organize their arguments in a structured paragraph and sentence construction as well as critical fashion. Emphasis is placed on the behavioural assumptions that generate demand for particular products, and on whether the producers of a particular product compete in a perfect or an imperfect way.

Business Research Methodology The course topic falls within methodology and philosophy of science as it applies to business economics and social science. Risk emanate from fluctuations in e. The basic course goals are therefore to provide a comprehensive analysis of the basic principles of marketing-related activities within firms, with specific consideration given to problems in international marketing.

In this rapidly changing context, shipping companies need to formulate and implement new strategies to secure revenue, margin and growth. Learning Objectives It is important to keep in mind that in spite of the different focus areas the internship report for each internship must include the following learning objectives: The course takes students from mundane problems in daily marketing activity to discovering the underlying theoretical issues behind marketing as practice and science.

Through in-depth analysis of both successful and failed strategies, students explore how executives were able to recognize opportunities for innovations and translate them into strategy. Relation to International Business or Economics Several examples from the international business area are considered. It allows students to leverage their practical experiences from their shipping internships as well as their theoretical training from previous courses of the bachelor program to address current real-life problems for maritime companies and organizations.

Det gav så en skjult profitmulighed for bunkerbranchen. Relation to a Business or an Institutional Setting Several aspects of different types of financial markets are examined including public versus privately owned companies and various types of providers of capital investors. Reflect critically on the practical-functional experiences in the industry regarded in relation to a specific discipline chosen prior to the internship.

Det skete med det ene formål at tjene flere penge.

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Understand strategic alliances in the maritime sector and the different approaches to the maritime sector, e. Vi skriver interessant og med kant. Børsen sætter dagsordenen for erhvervslivet. Learning objectives At the exam the students must be able to: Module 1  provides insights on how to analyze the external environment of organizations, including macroeconomic changes, industry and competitor analysis.

The course will train students in describing and discussing real-life maritime problems. Describe, classify, structure and combine the concepts, theories, methods of strategic leadership including management and development of the resources of the shipping organization Identify and develop relevant strategic position of an organization Define and analyze specific problems in the shipping industry by using the theoretic concepts, theories, methods and models Assess and communicate the solution of problems and thus be able to focus on decision making and the use of strategic tools in situations with conflicting objectives ECTS 7,5 Organizational Analysis This course aims to familiarize you with basic concepts eksperter vi står ikke foran en boble organization, such as design and architecture, culture, leadership, and power.

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Practical Application of Theory The course includes many exercises and cases illustrating the practical application of theory. Det får alarmklokkerne til at ringe hos senioranalytiker i Sydbank Jacob Pedersen.


ECTS 7,5 Strategic Management This course yields an in-depth understanding of strategy and the strategy development process with a special emphasis on the competitive dynamics of the global shipping industry. Det vidste OW Bunker-ledelsen i Aalborg godt, og derfor forberedte man sig grundigt på at håndtere dette frem til børsnoteringen foråret The changes in global trade over cfd mægler sammenligning australien last decades have triggered structural changes in the shipping industry and require executives to face an increasingly instable business environment.

The learning objectives should be interpreted through this lens. Derfor er det endnu vigtigere, at der er styr på kreditgivning og risikostyring," siger Jacob Pedersen. The various theoretical positions pertaining to philosophy of science are described by means introductory book on the topic and the exemplification with business economics is further supported by group and case texts cf.

Students are hvordan man bliver rig hurtig uden penge to explain how theories or models can inform and guide solutions for the challenges that maritime companies and organizations experience. Able to identify, describe and apply Company structures in the shipping industry when choosing business strategy Able to handle legal compliance and risk management issues in the maritime sector Understand and be able to exercise legal rights in an international environment Explain and apply the concept "Quality in Shipping" Define and analyse specific legal and economic problems in a maritime setting ECTS 7.

This is your problem formulation. Measuring of risk through various risk measures, including the commonly used Value-at-Risk, will be introduced and finally, possible hedging instruments including a range of different derivatives are introduced and their use in different hedging strategies will be covered.

Research Based Teaching Issues which are currently under debate in economic research are presented when relevant. OW Bunker gik konkurs fredag i sidste uge med et tab på 1,6 milliarder kroner. En af de virksomheder, man henvendte sig til, var den store commodity-virksomhed Cargill.

Emphasis is nigeria film penge making machine interpretation and understanding of simple statistical methods as applied in business, economics, different types of companies commodity trading virksomheder i singapore institutions and industries.

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På alle platforme. Once you have decided on a subject area, you will need to identify a topic within that area, and then formulate a project proposal which addresses an issue you wish to research. Students are expected to present in such a way that colleagues from other departments within a shipping organization can understand their argumentation and engage in a discussion on the proposed solution.

Det fremgår at materiale, som blev fremlagt af den bedrageri-tiltalte tidligere direktørs forsvarer, Anders Németh. Strong labor unions are critical to improve wages, working conditions and human rights for all. The teachers, Filipe Leal and Mathilda Jakobsen will teach the students a method for problem solving Learning Objectives It is important to keep in mind that in spite of the different focus areas the internshp report for each internship must include the following learning objectives: